Symphony Training

The Symphony system is intuitive and user-friendly, but change can be difficult, and a little education can go a long way. We provide training as part of every installation in order to give your team the tools, knowledge and confidence to perform their various required activities.

We offer onsite training for end-user groups and in “train the trainer” program settings. These comprehensive sessions include a full explanation of Symphony’s components, graphical user interface, functions and database structure and feature practical hands-on exercises to perform various web-based tasks.

Maintenance & General Support

We boast average monthly system availability of 99.97%, due in large part to our regular maintenance schedule, which includes automatic installation of required patches and remote and on-site platform maintenance as required.

Our support center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reachable via phone or email. When issues do arise, we categorize them according to severity (critical, major, minor) and queue them for service accordingly. Response and resolution times may vary based on severity, but we are typically able to respond to critical issues within 1 hour and resolve them within 8 hours.

Symphony Maintenance & General Support

Managed Operations

Symphony Managed Operations

Our Managed Revenue/Operations solution is tailored to your business model, assuring robust revenue assurance and lower operating expense. Available to both SaaS and premise-based clients, we offer:

  • Service Operations Center (24x7x365)
  • Application Management, Operations, & Maintenance
  • Revenue Management
  • Financial Operations & Close
  • Quality Assurance Testing (QA)
  • Supply Chain Management (B2B, B2C, M2M)
  • Customer Event Management
  • Release/Configuration Management/ Tier 2 Support
  • Database Management & Performance Tuning (DBOps)
  • Maintenance Planning & Deployments
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Network Management
  • Project Management

Custom Development

Custom software development is part of every Symphony implementation, and our custom software is as highly scalable and easily maintained as our core products.

Some examples of custom development treatment include:

  • Custom bill formatting
  • Language translation for international installations
  • Switch interfaces for provisioning
  • Solutions to read, parse and store usage records in the Symphony database for downstream processing such as rating and billing
Symphony Custom Development


Consultation Symphony

The Symphony team offers a breadth of telecommunications expertise, collectively through our professional industry experiences as well as through the knowledge the team gains with each new project. We can help navigate the path toward making the right technology choices, network arrangements, and communications options.

We begin our consultation engagements by conducting a full needs assessment. Through a variety of approaches, including end-user interview, we’re able to answer critical questions, such as:

  • Should we replace our current systems or renew the expiring contract?
  • What new technology is available to meet our needs, and what will it cost?
  • How can we ensure that we’re using our systems to the best advantage, internally and externally?
  • How can we leverage new technology to remain competitive and successful in the industry?

Based on our experience and the information gleaned from the assessment, we offer tailored telecommunications recommendations that are compliant with your operation and aligned with your planned growth. This clear determination of your technology direction enables you to make sound, strategic decisions regarding your current and future telecom systems.

Symphony by the numbers

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Annual client billable revenues

35+ Million

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