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Create Customer Processes That Benefit You & Your Clients

Deliver Excellent Services with Seamless Workflows & A Smarter Ticketing System

Our Workflow & Ticketing System helps you collaborate efficiently by streamlining your processes and workflows. With it, you can create, manage, and track various workflows, ensuring smooth operations and better communication among your employees, customers, and partners. 

Unify Your Process Management with Symphony's Administration Portal

Bring all your process management tasks together in one place, streamlining and simplifying your operations. Stop struggling with different apps and platforms and embrace a more centralized approach.  

Ready to collaborate, automate, and excel? We can get you started.

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Control All Your Workflows, From Start to Finish

Our platform gives you full control over every workflow, with easy management and oversight of the entire process. Administrators can create, modify, and reroute tasks, helping you adapt to your changing needs.

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Drag-and-Drop Workflow Customization

Create the processes you need without calling IT. Our platform can handle all types of tasks, such as administrative, transactional, or collaborative, and supports revision requests for documents.

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Simplified Process Automation

Symphony allows you to automate tasks, reducing process time, enhancing quality, and eliminating duplication, making your organization more responsive and effective.

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Design, Deploy, and Manage Your Workflows with Ease

Workflow & Ticketing System Features

Dynamic Approval Assignment of Approval Route

You can dynamically assign approval routes on the platform, ensuring that the right people are involved at the right times.

Rerouting Options

If necessary, you have the flexibility to automatically reroute tasks or documents to different individuals or teams for faster resolutions

Comprehensive Document Management

Enjoy seamless document sharing, notifications for new and pending documents, revision requests, and easy status tracking.

Automated Processes

Our platform reduces process time, enhances process quality, and eliminates duplicate tasks, streamlining the workflow and making operations more efficient.

Graphical Workflow Design

Design your own workflows visually and deploy them automatically, making the process straightforward and accessible.

Custom Form Generation

Create and customize forms to match your specific needs, and then effortlessly incorporate them into any process you choose.

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