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Business is more than just interactions and transactions. Many businesses now use the Web to form a collaborative-centric business model. Why? Collaboration enables greater speed in delivery, quality and consistency in services and products. In addition, businesses are leveraging the knowledge of their employees, customers and partners to gain a competitive edge.

Application users in today’s scenario are not the only group directly connected to the enterprise; it also includes the virtual enterprise network and its players. In addition to the new work economy and its needs, the shift from EAI to Business Process Integration (BPI) will provide another impetus for this change.

Drilling down to workflows within an organization, we can boldly label workflow as the key enabler of the adaptive, responsive organization. Re-engineering business processes within an organization is a sign of a mature organization, and process automation takes it there.

There are different types of workflows—including administrative or ad hoc workflows, transaction-oriented workflows, and collaborative workflows—and each has its specific application. No matter which is best suited to your business environment, Symphony Workflow Management has you covered.

Symphony applications can be configured to work with any network element and are backed by a wide range of professional services, including customer training and support. With unparalleled support and service, we are committed to providing the solutions you need to achieve your strategic goals.


  • Administration area for workflow cycle control
  • Dynamic assignment of approval route
  • Rerouting option
  • Reduces process time, improves process quality
  • Option of sending document copies to concerned people
  • System notifications for arrived, pending documents
  • Eliminates duplication of tasks
  • View status of all documents in the workflow
  • Revision requests: same document can enter the workflow cycle again with option to see previous decisions
  • Create your own workflow graphically and deploy automatically
  • Design your own forms or modify existing forms, and add to your workflow
The collaborative business model can give you greater efficiency and ultimately a competitive business edge.

What makes Symphony Workflow different?

  • Offers a new approach to addressing the challenges of existing enterprise processes and systems
  • Integration of business space into a single podium where the entire relationship can be created and nurtured
  • Monitor the current state of workflow and its progress against the project plan
  • Discourage function-based activities and encourage critical business thinking with the organization in mind
  • No need for new software design: our system meets your requirements through configuration alone with complete rules-based architecture
  • Stand-alone convenience, yet fits into our full suite of solutions

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