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The Symphony Sales Processing Module is accessible from the business office, home office or anywhere you have access to the Internet. You’re never more than a few clicks away from creating a sales quote and emailing it to your prospect, who will be able to view it and approve it online. All in all, this application allows you to prepare attractive, professional quotes for your prospective customers. The system serves as a very effective tool to log all your sales activities, from initiation of customers’ interest to order production. Once the order is generated, the rest is handled by the downstream systems converting an order into active service(s).


  • Accounts
  • Opportunities management
  • Quotes generation
  • Commissions reporting and review
  • Order generation
  • Order approval

Normally, an opportunity initiates a customer interest in the sellers’ product or service. The opportunity status defines where the opportunity is in the “sales funnel.” Opportunities contain various metrics of sale probabilities and revenue. Other opportunity information is contained in the system, such as:

  • Company name and address
  • Company various contacts
  • Contact dates
  • Scheduled follow-up dates and more

Once the opportunity is in the system, a quote can be generated.

The system supports security roles, which are based on the sales hierarchy, meaning that an agent can access his/her customer opportunities, and a supervisor can access all opportunities for all agents assigned to him/her, and so on up the chain.

The following screen shots demonstrate various screens the Sales Portal after a valid user logs in:Quoting


This is an example of a quote detail:Quoting

The Symphony Quoting portion of the Sales Module allows the users to specify products for a customer to generate a quote. The quote can be saved as a PDF for further communication with the prospect. The quote document supports additional user documentation as part of the quote, including a welcome letter, user guide for the given product and the quote itself.

What makes Symphony Sales & Quoting different?

  • Symphony Sales & Quoting system is integrated with the rest of the Symphony platform, thus allowing a single platform for configuration of your products and services as well as quoting and selling them to your prospects
  • Automated business processes in the form of workflows move an approved quote to an order, which generates an account, ready for billing
  • The system accounts for your inventory and keeps track of your costs vs. charges to your customers
  • The end-to-end solution provides a mechanized tool to allow your sales force to increase their productivity, impress new clients and win new business
  • Flexible design provides capabilities to package your products in any way that fits your business needs

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