Telecom Sales Commission Structure

Symphony Commissions module represents an intuitive tool for allocating commissions to their employees and sales agents. The system is designed so that every sale can be commissionable, depending on the business requirements of the organization.


  • Product categories
  • Commission plans
  • Commission districts
  • Organizational levels configurations
  • Organizational levels
  • Sales representatives
  • Application of commissions
  • Reports

Commissions are specified by product category, as configured in the Symphony CRM.

The example of categories is shown in the screenshot below:


All of an organization’s products are classified by commission categories, and there’s no limit on the number of categories that can be created. During initial system setup and configuration, it is very easy to establish all the relationships for the commission’s module to perform the calculations/applications of commissions.

The system allows multiple commission plans, including percentages of payment per category. As shown in the screen shot on the next page, the system allows assigning a percentage of commission per category.

The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use:

The system supports multiple organizational levels, with each level in the hierarchy able to be assigned one or more commissions. All sales agents are contained in the system with detailed views of the organizational levels above the sales agent.


Commission processing is the culminating point of the module, where the system follows various rules. Among them:

  • Commissions are calculated each month after the billing processing
  • Commissions are paid on a given day of the month
  • A system user can specify a minimum service length to determine if commission is payable or must be charged back

The Commissions module comes with a set of standard reports to provide critical data for analysis of the revenue by district, sales agents and other criteria.

Report listings can be generated on an ad-hoc basis or run on a regular schedule.

What makes Symphony Commissions different?

  • The Commissions module represents end-to-end solution that automates your processes of selling and paying out commissions to sales reps and agents
  • The Symphony Commissions module can be deployed in a variety of ways to meet your unique business needs
  • The Symphony Commissions module is equipped with intuitive user interface which allows easy configuration, assignment and calculations of sales commissions and payouts
  • Flexible Rate Plan commissions can be as granular as your business requires—commission can be calculated on any item
  • Commissions module is seamlessly and fully integrated with the rest of the Symphony Platform
  • All in all, the system is a powerful and intuitive tool which handles most complex algorithms in calculation of commission for all or any level in the sales organizational hierarchy
  • No need for new software design: our system meets your requirements through configuration alone with complete rules-based architecture
  • Stand-alone convenience, yet fits into our full suite of solutions

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