Provisioning System in Telecom

Symphony Provisioning supports provisioning of multiple network elements and multiple services including wireline, wireless, ISP, IPTV, value-added services and data. It’s designed to allow you to perform the processing of service orders fast and effectively, by automatically updating network elements in real time.

Symphony’s robust provisioning engine easily enables or disables network elements, such as HLR, VMS, MSC and others. Update functions include adding and disconnecting accounts, adding or changing services and features on these services. Symphony supports all the telecom services that exist in the CDMA, GSM/GPRS, ISP and landline networks.


  • Automatically update telephone numbers, line circuits, carrier PICs, features, disconnects and reconnects
  • Handles all network elements through a single access point
  • GUI is a web-based application
  • Immediate reconnection of disconnected accounts when payment is received
  • After-hours or weekend service orders handled automatically—no waiting for the next business day for a technician to reconnect service
  • Continuously update the switch or schedule updates throughout the day
  • Automatically complete service orders when the routing sequence is complete
  • Unsuccessful transactions generate alarms—the commands are queued until the problem is resolved and then automatically applied
  • Review the status of transactions that have been or are scheduled to be sent to a network element
  • Provides capability to test before implementing

Provisioning Engine – Full Integration with Metaswitch

Symphony Provisioning Engine is fully integrated with the Metaswitch platform. Symphony’s flow-thru provisioning is supported through the Metaswithch APIs to allow administering of customer accounts to the extent that the API allows such operations as Create, Read, Update and Delete. Symphony’s functionality supports calling Metaswitch APIs from various parts of the platform, such as CRM, Customer Portal, or other pertinent Symphony applications.

Symphony’s Provisioning Engine supports all actions to achieve full integration with the switch. Below is a sample list of actions, which can be sent to the switch for streamlined scalable provisioning:

  • Create Business Group
  • Remove Subscriber
  • Add DID
  • Remove Device
  • Create Line
  • Add Extension
  • Remove DID
  • Create SIP Line
  • Remove Extension
  • Add Short Code
  • Add Subscriber to Department
  • Set Suspense Date
  • Assign Device

What makes Symphony Provisioning different?

  • No need for new software design: our system meets your requirements through configuration alone with complete rules-based architecture
  • Customize your commands and disconnect rules
  • Expedite the processing of service orders
  • Ensures that you maintain the advantage with your customers
  • Stand-alone convenience, yet completely integrated with our workflow system
  • Get the latest and greatest: Symphony continuously works to expand its ability to interface with new network elements

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