Telecom Asset Tracking Software

Symphony Assets module is a product within CRM which enables service providers to efficiently manage their telecom assets. As a tool to perform end-to-end management of multi-vendor, multi-locations products, it allows you to accurately maintain adequate stocks to ensure uninterrupted service. The Assets/Inventory module is fully integrated with the rest of the Symphony Billing system. An authorized user who gains access to this portion of the CRM has permissions to work with the following Assets components:

  • Part classes
  • Serialized parts
  • Non-serialized parts
  • Locations
  • Vendors
  • Stock adjustments
  • Stocking levels with ability to:
    • Receive stock
    • Return stock
    • Transfer stock
    • Adjust stock


  • Consolidate assets into a single view and single database
  • Manage tangible assets: phones, cables, routers
  • Manage telecom-specific serialized and non-serialized products
  • Multi-vendor stock functionality
  • Transfer stock between company locations
  • Receive new stock
  • Manage inventory returns, keeping ‘current on hand’ count accurate in real time

Real-time Inventory

Symphony gives you complete control of all your inventory needs from “bulk” items to individual serialized parts. The above image shows a serialized part (iPhone).

The system maintains vendors, reorder levels based on “EOQ,” manufacturer’s web link, and manufacturer’s specifications for each part. In addition, part images are shown either as a static image or an animated image.


Parts are tacked by location and status. Locations are assigned by the user and can include warehouses, trucks, cars and any area. This allows the user to control inventory at all areas within his/her business.

The user can define various inventory statuses within the company, such as available, in inspection, etc. The system allows the user to define rules for setting these statuses. For example, all items returned will be assigned “in inspection.”

What makes Symphony Assets/Inventory different?

  • Tightly integrated with the rest of the Symphony platform
  • Provides real-time functionality in keeping track of diminishing and/or increasing inventory; counts are always up-to-date and are accurate
  • Caters to clients of all sizes to help them manage their assets in a very intuitive way
  • Includes slick reporting and analytics
  • No need for new software design: our system meets your requirements through configuration alone with complete rules-based architecture
  • Stand-alone convenience, yet fits into our full suite of solutions


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