Rating Engine in Telecom

Symphony Rating is a flexible, carrier-grade rating technology for highly convergent billing environments where the requirement is for high-volume processing power combined with exceptional adaptability, accuracy and control.

The Symphony Rating engine delivers unbeatable performance in both real-time and batch modes while simultaneously managing multiple disparate transaction data streams, including voice (fixed and wireless), data (IP and wireless), multi-media, utilities and finance transactions. Plus, it can be quickly reconfigured by the service provider to support new products and services as they are offered.


  • Full convergence (IP, Mobile & Fixed)
  • High-volume performance and multi-environment flexibility
  • Real-time data collection, processing and distribution
  • Rates for duration, locations, time-of-day, and type of service
  • Runs on a single one-processor system or a multi-machine/multi-process environment
  • Rated at over 2,200 transactions per second on a single platform
  • Scalability to effectively manage your changing mediation needs
  • Implement new offerings without changing your current CC&B system
  • Interface with virtually any device that delivers usage-based data
  • User friendly GUI interface
  • Flexible discounting
  • Supports complex tax structures
  • Suspense processing

What makes Symphony Rating different?

  • No need for new software design: our engine meets your requirements through configuration alone with complete rules-based architecture
  • Designed to allow for limitless growth—scale out rather than scale up
  • Gets new products to market faster with seamless integration between new network elements and billing systems
  • Puts control in your hands with easy-to-use configuration tools
  • Stand-alone convenience, yet fits into our full suite of solutions
Symphony Rating is fully convergent offering a user-friendly interface for easy review and management.

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