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Make informed decisions & Increase sales with

Symphony's CRM Platform

Stop jumping between tabs and give your team the gift of a centralized customer management platform.

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Why Choose Symphony's CRM

It's Built By Providers,
For Providers


Comprehensive profiles improve customer service

See your customers’ service history, communication records, invoices, and more on one platform, so you can provide faster, more personalized care.


Design is flexible and cost-effective

Symphony easily integrates with your existing systems, improves efficiency, and adapts to your changing needs. No need for expensive replacements!


Billing insights help you identify new opportunities

Gain insight into where your customers’ stand, that will enable you to unlock upselling opportunities and creating enticing promotional packages

The CRM Lifecycle Completed

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Uncover Customer Patterns

Optimize Your Service Strategy with Symphony's Built-in Geo-Mapping Feature

a mockup displaying a screenshot from Symphony's CRM system on a laptop

Imagine: A full 360 Omni-directional View of your customer

With Symphony Billing’s CRM integration, you’ll experience a single pane of glass overview of the full customer journey – their chanel history, account overview, payment history, customer value, and more – all in one easy to review location.

Stop Tab Jumping & increase team Productivity

Put the information your team needs in an easily accessible location.

Experience the Benefits of CRM & Billing Integration with Symphony

Identify where your customer service “hotspots” are and act accordingly using our dot-density mapping technology.

Unlock More Possibilities

These CRM Capabilities Are Just the Beginning...

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A software designed to simplify & innovate your whole business

Symphony is designed to help you manage customer accounts with ease

Symphony provides simple account management & reporting

Symphony gives you full control of your products & services


Ready to experience the joy of pain-free Customer Management & Billing?

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