Integrate only the modules you need, or implement the full end-to-end solution and let our customizable, scalable solution grow with you.

The real-time data transaction management and mediation provided by Symphony gives you visibility into your customers’ accounts—and the ability to more profitably manage those relationships.


Transform the way you get from Quote to Cash
Win more business and get an edge on the competition with tools and insights that help you move swiftly from quote to cash.

Quote Generation

  • Specify products and generate customized quotes
  • Issue final quotes with auto-generated cover letter & product brochures
  • Customer approval triggers workflow based on products ordered
  • Access robust reporting on quotes issued/ordered by region/agent

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Order & Task Management

  • End-to-end business process automation & management
  • Connects all aspects of workflow into one productive whole
  • Define or redefine business rules at any time
  • Actively monitor workflow and its progress against project plan

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Automated Provisioning

  • Handles multiple elements & services through single access point
  • Automatically updates network elements in real time for fast service order processing
  • Automatically handles after-hours and weekend service orders
  • Automatically completes service orders upon sequence completion

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Advanced Billing

Reduce Errors & Realize Revenue Gains
With several modules and various configuration options, our sophisticated-yet-agile billing models scale with your business, giving you full control of your recurring, metered and one-time service billing operations.

Usage Collection & Rating

  • Symphony Roaming Suite: Replace clearing house tasks & fee with centralized control and faster revenue realization—and get the accurate, up-to-date and reliable information you need.
  • Symphony Rating Engine: Get unbeatable performance in real-time and batch modes while managing multiple transaction data streams in highly convergent billing environments.
  • Symphony Top-Up Recharge Service: Reduce operational costs and increase ARPU & AMPU by giving subscribers and merchants the ability recharge their accounts when, where and how they want.
  • Symphony Mediation Platform: We collect your raw network usage data and transform it into rich, billable business information that you can aggregate, filter and validate as needed.

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Convergent Billing

  • MVNO Software: MVNOs worldwide are expanding their services to include broadband billing, marketing support, competitive analysis and more. Symphony OSS/BSS bundled service MVNO/MVNE billing platform helps our clients to manage their wireless and wire line networks from the perspective of one integrated service.
  • Facility-Based: In the provider-based billing model, patients may receive two charges on their combined patient bill for services provided within a clinic. One charge represents the facility or hospital charge, while the other represents the professional or physician fee.
  • MSPs: Symphony supports the various pricing models being used today by managed service providers, including monitoring only, per device, per user, tiered, and “all you can eat.”

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Advanced Invoicing

  • Payment Processing: via business office payments, customer portal payments, and automatic payments after billing
  • Credit Adjustments: Symphony supports both debit and credit adjustments, as well as credit and debit OCCs.
  • Settlements: Verify the key aspects of a carrier-to-carrier relationship, identify and prevent revenue loss, and optimize your revenue stream.
  • Collections: Based on user-defined criteria, Symphony automatically analyzes accounts and those that are eligible for collection.

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Customer Management

Support Your Team, Empower Your Customers
Our secure, fully configurable customer portal provides a superior customer experience that encourages self-service adoption—so you can decrease call volume, boost productivity, increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.


  • Account Management: Give customer care the information they need to service each account, and give customers a secure, easy way to make payments, request service, or update account information.
  • Installation Scheduling: Add outside contractors and plant personnel and build their schedules into the system, allowing customers to easily and seamlessly schedule their own installation appointments.
  • Communications & Notifications: Define specific events and conditions to automatically generate customer emails and notifications, and employ set keywords to pull in customer-specific data for a customized experience.

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Partner Management

Grow Your Distribution Channels
Symphony's partner management portal provides full control and complete transparency—so you can keep an eye on your business while building trust with your vendors and resellers.

Sales Portal

  • Easily manage partners, resellers and agents with custom hierarchies so each partner views only relevant customers, orders, leads
  • Simply define and administer commission plans on a per-agent basis
  • Access valuable data to identify top prospects and performers

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Commission & Plan Assignment

  • Easily define agents, organizations and commission profiles
  • Select from a variety of rate plan-driven commissions, including activation, residual, spiff, markup and chargeback
  • Commissions engine is fully incorporated in the Symphony database and can be easily integrated with any accounts payable system

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Robust Reporting

Take advantage of our comprehensive suite of “canned” and customizable reports to track productivity and profitability of your agents and resellers. These are just a few examples of the lead management reports available in Symphony:

  • Agent Contact Report
  • Lead Contact Report
  • Lead Status Report
  • Lead Sold Report
  • Forecast Report

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Business Operations

Boost Your Bottom Line
Access the actionable insights you need to implement improvements, motivate your team, and increase your revenue.

Symphony Provisioning Engine - Full Integration with Metaswitch

Symphony Provisioning Engine is fully integrated with the Metaswitch platform. Symphony’s flow-thru provisioning is supported through the Metaswithch APIs to allow administering of customer accounts to the extent that the API allows such operations as Create, Read, Update and Delete. Symphony’s functionality supports calling Metaswitch APIs from various parts of the platform, such as CRM, Customer Portal, or other pertinent Symphony applications.

Symphony’s Provisioning Engine supports all actions to achieve full integration with the switch. Below is a sample list of actions, which can be sent to the switch for streamlined scalable provisioning:

  • Create Business Group
  • Create Line
  • Create SIP Line
  • Add Subscriber to Department
  • Remove Subscriber
  • Add Extension
  • Remove Extension
  • Set Suspense Date
  • Add DID
  • Remove DID
  • Add Short Code
  • Assign Device
  • Remove Device

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Symphony Fraud Management Solution

  • Uses analytics to quickly detect and resolve fraudulent activities and bad debt
  • Auto-triggered notifications when specific user-defined actions occur or thresholds are reached
  • Comprehensive set of summary reports, each with the ability to drill down, including: calls to destination, calls by duration, international calls by data type, long calls notification, high usage, etc.

Symphony Revenue Assurance Model

  • Virtually eliminates revenue leakage by guaranteeing the collection and processing of usage-based data through system (automated) and non-system (manual) improvements
  • Highly distributed architecture approach collects and processes data without loss or duplication
  • Automatically reconciles usage base data with switch routing information and projected raw revenue with collected revenue

Symphony Forecasting Analysis

  • Focuses on inbound & outbound roaming and predicts usage based on previous years’ data and seasonal/monthly trends
  • Auto-triggered alarms if revenue downturn is expected
  • All activity monitored and reported in real time

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Dashboard & Reporting

All Symphony dashboards are tightly coupled with workflow provisioning, allowing user-specified criteria to auto-trigger notifications (e.g., % deviation from norm) and actions (e.g., email to customer). Symphony offers three dashboard types, each with its own purpose within the organization:

  • Operational: real-time or near-real-time data to monitor the “nerve center” of your business
  • Executive/Strategic: high-level overview of the state of the business based on tracked KPIs
  • Analytical: operational and/or strategic data with added drill-down functionality

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