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Exceed customer expectations & your growth targets with

Symphony's Point-Of-Sale Platform

Finally, A Future-Proof Point Of Sale software

Make Your In-Person Sales as Delightful as Your Online Sales

No matter where your customers shop, they all want the same kind of experience from you – fast, easy, and accurate. And now you can, thanks to our fully flexible POS solution. Go ahead, check it out.

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Makes Getting Paid a Piece of Cake

From automating complicated processes to integrating with your other platforms, our point of sale software takes the stress and strain out of collecting customer payments.

Adds New Customer Accounts in Seconds

Our easy registration process lets you capture important customer details that will help you drive sales through personalized service & targeted marketing.

Minimizes Human Error

Thanks to our AI-driven workflows, you can reduce the chance of manual errors, guaranteeing all of your records are as accurate as possible.

Provides End-To-End Sales Data

Our user-friendly analytics platform lets you monitor key performance indicators, track sales trends, and find growth areas in seconds.


Make Selling Your Products & Services Easier Than Ever

Track every dollar that flows in and out of your business and reconcile any discrepancies that might stand in your way. Without touching a single spreadsheet.

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Manage More Complicated Payment Processes With Confidence

Whether you’re tackling refunds or handling exchanges, our easy-to-use point of sale software interface helps you guarantee accuracy and efficiency every time.

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Cash management

Keep an eye on your profits

Our cash management tool allows you to keep better account of money thats at your physical locations, down to the individual registers from the beginning to the end of the day.  

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Ready to make your point of sale software a point of pride with Symphony?

Discover how to streamline your cash management, inventory control, customer registration, and more by scheduling a demo today. It’s fast, it’s free, it’s Symphony.