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Overview of Telecom Billing & Operational Systems (BSS/OSS)

Customer demands for information, new services, and rapid, simplified experiences are rising for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). CSPs require a strong, intricate, yet effective operations system in order to meet these demands and launch new services quickly. Providers are investing in their BSS/OSS, to provide the tools and technology they need to monetize their business resources and consumer data to make decisions that are focused on their needs in the present and develop future technologies.

Today’s telecommunications companies cannot maximize their potential without a forward-focused BSS/OSS, also known as business support systems and operations support systems. A BSS/OSS system facilitates quick decision-making, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces wait times for customer support.

Enterprise systems help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) increase efficiency in managing the entire customer lifecycle. These systems typically include modules for:
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
– Quoting
– Inventory management
– Provisioning and workflow automation
– Roaming and Settlements
– Mediation and rating
– Billing and invoicing
– Ticketing
– Commissions
– Customer & Partner Portal
– Business intelligence
– And more

They enable CSPs to become more productive with fewer resources by providing tools to create accounts and leads, generate quotes, manage inventory, activate services, track usage, offer rate plans, provide billing cycles and invoice formats, assist customers with service or product issues, ensure commissions are paid to employees, resellers and agents, and allow customers to access their services and analytics in one place. With the help of Business Intelligence, service providers can examine client data and gain insights that help them dictate product marketing/management decisions

Finally, BSS/OSS systems contribute to operational cost reduction by streamlining and automating procedures. Providers can reduce manual processes, increase efficiency, and guarantee data accuracy by utilizing automation and analytics capabilities. In addition to lowering operational costs, these systems will boost worker satisfaction by making their day-to-day simplified. CSPs require an effective operations system to boost sales, lower churn, improve customer satisfaction and insights, reduce costs, and provide consumers with flexible package options.