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Integration with our

Telecom Billing System

Every business has different needs. And we want Symphony to be able to flex to fit all of them. And now it can with our integrations. 

3rd party integration

Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

We want you to be the most efficient version of yourself. That’s why we partnered with leading companies to build our integration library. Now you can connect to the platforms you want, and need, with just a few clicks. 

Type of Integration Organizations
Tax Calculation Avalara, CSI Longwood
e911 Intrado
Credit/Debit & ACH, CenPOS, Stripe, Plaid
Adress Validation Central USPS Database
Integrate Through 1,000’s of documented REST & SOAP APIs
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Planning & Setup

Getting it right the first time involves extensive planning. Our team will guide you through any questions and potential issues, helping you know how things will work and who will do what.

Compliance & Security

As systems adopt open interfaces, keeping your data safe is vital. Our integration process emphasizes compliance and security for seamless interoperability with our suite of products.

Data Migration

Our engineers work closely with your team to decide what data to move and help the transition go smoothly. We also teach users how to use the new system before it starts.

User Acceptance Testing

UAT is the last step before the launch. Our experienced team tests it on-site to make sure it works as agreed and fits your business needs.


Get Your Integrations Right the First Time

Symphony is a helpful tool for making plans on how to offer, sell, and manage your services. It’s flexible and fits your business needs. But you need to plan ahead for it to work well. The Symphony team will guide you through this process by asking important questions and assisting in creating procedures, defining services, and deciding user roles. 

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Keep Your Data Safe, No Matter How You Choose to Connect

In the world of interconnected systems, keeping yours secure is critical. Which is why we guarantee our integrations will adhere to strict standards and security measures. You can make the most out of Symphony without worrying about your data being compromised. 

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data migration

Move Your Mission-Critical with Confidence

We recognize the complexity of data migration and the importance of preserving customer history. Which is why our team will plan everything carefully – noting any tasks, issues, or decisions you need to address. Our team will collaborate with you to select the right data and ensure a glitch-free switch. Plus, we’ll train your team on the new system to make the transition even easier. 

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Test Your Integration in the Real-World Before Final Deployment

With us, you’ll never feel buyer’s remorse. Because we test each use case and ensure that your integration meets our agreed-upon specifications. Plus, our implementation team is full of seasoned professionals with extensive UAT experience. They’ll make sure everything is implemented on time, within budget, and in-line with your expectations. 

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Put the "Great" In Integrate

Experience The Power of Symphony's Integrations