Planning & Setup

Symphony Planning & Setup

Symphony is a tool for developing the end-to-end procedures you use to provision, sell, deliver and bill your services. It’s designed to help you meet your business objectives, giving you flexibility without dictating how to operate your company. As such, planning and preparation in advance are critical to a successful, effective implementation.

The Symphony team guides you through this process, asking the important questions and raising any potential issues. We offer support at every step, from developing operational procedures and identifying required interfaces to defining current & future service offerings and determine the types of roles of your company’s Symphony users.

Data Migration

We know that data migration is rarely a simple task, and we understand the value of historical customer data. We therefore apply a meticulous and methodical approach to the data migration process, producing a detailed project plan that outlines upcoming tasks, possible issues and key decision points.

Our engineering team works closely with yours to define the type of data to be migrated and the history to be retained. We ensure that the migration process and going-live steps occur without service interruption or impact to daily activities. And by the time the system goes live, end users have been fully trained in the application, thereby assuring a seamless transition.

Symphony Data Migration

3rd-Party Integration

Symphony 3rd-Party Integration

Symphony integrates seamlessly with several 3rd-party applications, thus shielding our clients from extra work and extra fees, and providing the complete, comprehensive solution you need.

Among other applications, the Symphony platform is fully integrated with:

  • Avalara for taxation services
  • E911 access services, to meet telecom service providers E911 requirements
  • Central USPS database for complete US address verification and validation
  • Payment gateways such as and CenPos for accepting credit/debit card payments

User Acceptance Testing

This is the final testing phase before moving the application to a production environment. Based on your requirements and as defined by the agreed-upon Statement of Work, we work on-site with you to ensure that each use case is executed according to its specifications and is completed successfully.

Our implementation team is comprised of seasoned, experienced professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to lead the UAT process and to ensure that the system is implemented in a timely manner and conforms with your business objectives.

Symphony User Acceptance Testing

Compliance & Security

Compliance & Security Symphony

As more systems use "open" interfaces for management and reporting, security is more important than ever before. We're aware of the challenges—and the pitfalls—and applying the necessary security controls is a key component of our integration process. We focus on compliance and security, so you can enjoy the interoperability and flexibility that comes with the Symphony suite.

Symphony by the numbers

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