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Mastering Customer Satisfaction in the Age of CX: The Importance of E-commerce Order Tracking

No one can deny that an excellent customer experience (CX) is the cornerstone of corporate success. Study after study proves that satisfied clients are what keeps businesses thriving. One such study discovered that companies providing excellent experiences for clients bring in almost six times more revenue than competitors who do not. A large part of that experience isn’t in person but online.   

Over 70 percent of customers consider order tracking important for their online shopping satisfaction. This means having a top-tier e-commerce order tracking software is more than just a nice add-on; it is a customer expectation. So, why is order tracking so important? We will explore this below.  

What is Order Tracking in eCommerce?  

eCommerce order tracking is the process that lets both buyers and sellers monitor orders in real time. This process keeps customers informed and helps businesses identify any issues and proactively address them.  

Most platforms consist of:  

  • A Tracking Portal: This portal allows customers and administrators to access and interact with the order-tracking system. It should be user-friendly and display information clearly – especially regarding tracking numbers.  
  • Order Information Databases: This component stores essential details about each customer order, such as order/tracking numbers, items purchased, quantity, and shipping information.  
  • Real-time Tracking Modules: A feature that provides up-to-date information on the current status and location of the ordered items. It often integrates with shipping carriers to fetch real-time data.  
  • Notification Systems: Sends automated notifications to customers at key stages of the order process, such as order confirmation, shipment dispatch, and delivery, keeping customers informed about the progress of their orders.  

How Does Order Tracking in eCommerce Work?  

Most eCommerce businesses utilize order tracking software to streamline the entire process. This software seamlessly integrates into the company’s website, providing a centralized location for all tracking information. When an order is placed, a unique tracking number is assigned to each shipment. Customers can enter this number into the tracking system to receive real-time updates on the status of their orders. The software, in turn, automatically updates tracking information as the order progresses through the shipping process.  

Here’s a brief overview of how this process usually goes:  

  • Once a customer hits the buy button, an email or SMS is dispatched, providing comprehensive order information.   
  • The logistics provider processes the order and assigns an order ID. Both customers and retailers can use this ID to access detailed tracking information.   
  • Finally, the order is delivered, and the tracking system is updated to reflect a successful delivery.  

How e-Commerce Order Tracking Improves Customer Experience  

Transparency and Trust  

One of the key pillars of customer satisfaction is transparency. eCommerce order tracking systems are pivotal in giving customers real-time visibility into how their orders are processed. This transparency builds trust in your company, as customers appreciate being kept in the loop about their purchases. It not only increases trust and brand loyalty, but it also draws in new customers. Almost 86 percent of consumers report that transparency plays a considerable role in their buying decisions

Communication and Expectation Management  

Order tracking is not just about keeping customers informed. It’s also about managing expectations. Proactive communication through order tracking ensures that customers are aware of the status of their orders, leading to a more positive and satisfying experience. Managing expectations is crucial in avoiding disappointments and fostering long-term customer relationships.  

Reducing Anxiety  

In a world where instant gratification is expected (and often encouraged by companies), customers often experience anxiety about the status of their orders. In fact, recent research showed nearly 91 percent of customers consistently monitor their shipments, with 39 percent checking them daily. Thankfully, e-commerce order tracking relieves this stress by providing timely updates. This meets customer expectations and empowers them, making them feel in control of their purchase decisions.

Resolving Issues Promptly  

Real-time tracking information doesn’t just benefit customers; it empowers businesses to identify and address potential issues promptly. By resolving problems before they escalate, companies can prevent customer dissatisfaction, ensuring a smoother post-purchase experience and reinforcing trust in the brand.  

Competitive Advantage  

In a market where almost 90 percent of companies compete based on customer experience, customer loyalty is hard to come by. Providing superior order tracking experiences can set your business apart and help build a devoted customer base. Especially since 85 percent of consumers say they’ll buy from a company again if it lets them track their orders from start to finish.  

After reviewing all these research-baked benefits, many of you might wonder what kind of order-tracking systems you can look for. Generally speaking, there are three different types depending on your team’s needs.   

The 3 Types of Order Tracking Systems  

1. Automated Order Tracking Systems  

Ideal for high-volume businesses, these systems use advanced software for automatic order monitoring, providing periodic notifications for customers and freeing up your customer service team for more time-sensitive tasks.  

2. Manual Order Tracking Systems 

These manual systems involve human input for tasks such as data entry and order status checks. While it’s more hands-on, this software is quite effective for lower-order volumes, making it a decent choice for small-to-medium businesses. 

3. Hybrid Order Tracking Systems  

These types of systems combine automated and manual processes. It utilizes both automation for data entry and updates, integrating human input at specific points. This offers both flexibility and efficiency and is helpful for companies of all sizes across many industries. Some rare platforms like Symphony can be fully automatic or hybrid, depending on your needs.

Tips on How to Use eCommerce Order Tracking Effectively  

If you’re beginning to research these platforms, keep the following tips in mind. 

  • Opt for a system that is intuitive and user-friendly for both customers and internal teams.  
  • Ensure your order tracking system seamlessly integrates into your website, providing a unified experience for customers.  
  • Tailor the order tracking experience to align with your brand, allowing for a personalized touch.  
  • Offer diverse options for customers to receive tracking updates through email, SMS, or push notifications. Doing so caters to different preferences, ensuring no customer is left in the dark.  

Symphony Makes eCommerce Order Tracking E-Z  

Symphony’s software, offered by Integratouch, is packed with features that simplify and enhance the order-tracking process. Whether you’re a seasoned online retailer or just stepping into the e-commerce arena, we designed Symphony’s platform to be easy to grasp, launch, and operate. With us, you can:  

  • Manage the Entire Online Shopping Experience: Symphony’s software allows businesses to manage the entire online shopping experience right out of the box. It provides a comprehensive solution, from order placement to delivery.  
  • Flexible Tenant Operations: Whether you prefer multi-tenant or single-tenant operations, Symphony’s software offers flexibility to cater to your specific business needs.  
  • Effortless Integration: Easily integrate Symphony’s software with other systems for seamless inventory management. This ensures that your order tracking system is not isolated but seamlessly connected to other crucial aspects of your business.  
  • Built-in Chatbot for Customer Support: Symphony’s software goes beyond order tracking. It includes a built-in chatbot to support your customers whenever they need assistance. This real-time support enhances the overall customer experience.  

Take Steps Towards a Better CX with Symphony  

In a world where customer satisfaction determines your success, e-commerce order tracking with Symphony is a linchpin to your CX success. It helps you create an experience that resonates with customers, keeps them informed, and builds lasting trust. Without requiring additional staff members. Ready to make your order tracking better than ever? Schedule your free demonstration today, or contact our team with any questions you might have. We’re here to help.