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IntegraTouch on the DTW 2019 Innovation Trail

We were thrilled to be chosen as a featured provider on the TMForum Innovation Trail at DTW 2019 in Nice, France. The Trail highlighted marquee products and services that push the boundaries of digital transformation.

IntegraTouch was a part of all four Trail topics, which included:

– Data & AI
– 5G
– IT & Network
– The Digital Customer

Here are some high points from our conversations on the Trail:

How does Symphony deliver digital transformation?

• Symphony’s geo-mapping visualization engine makes customer and network performance data actionable and transparent with clear use cases for customers, partners, sales and operations for a 360-degree view.

• Improved problem solving and value recognition: Automated ticket generation combined with resolution workflow, notification and visualization for customers, partners and internal departments. Delivers a 360-degree view. Up to 75% reduced Mean-Time-To-Repair. Several magnitudes better visibility to problems, solutions and value delivered.

• Accurate, powerful pre-sales and advertising: Prospective customers can visualize service availability as well as fixed or moving IoT and 5G Edge device by location. Informed decision-making to a waiting customer. Service Density is easily represented on a map, enabling informed decision-making relative to advertising.

• Smart investment decisions: Geographically displayed network and performance correlation as well as service availability. The geo-mapping and network performance is tied to an analytics engine and AI models for smarter data based decisions on where to invest and when.

• Symphony, designed and architected with the complete customer life-cycle in mind, provides for a rich customer and partner experience, bridging customer and network, IT & Network, visually for the customer, partner and service provider to see.

How is Symphony unique in the market?

The technology is unique. Symphony is a self-contained single-stack solution with geo-mapping visualization built in. No need to invest or integrate with disparate systems to piece network and customer data together. The time-to-market is real-time. As a new customer, IoT, or 5G edge device turns-up service they are immediately represented visually on the Service Density map. All the corresponding correlation capabilities of customer and network performance are automatically linked and visualized.

Traditionally, a Service Provider would need to spend a lot of capital and professional services investment, not to mention time, in creating such a solution via piecemeal integration. Yet many programs never delivered. Being part of the Symphony solution stack, the integration is built-in and works. Symphony reduces cost and time, improves visibility, enables smart decisions and accurate pre-sales and most importantly, delivers a successful implementation outcome.