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The Role of Billing Automation in Customer Experience

When it comes to customer experience (CX), your client’s expectations are simple. According to McKinsey, 80 percent of American consumers say that the building blocks of a positive experience are:  

  1. Speed  
  1. Convenience  
  1. Knowledgeable help and  
  1. Friendly service  

And that applies to your billing process as well. Especially because it’s the most common – and some might say impactful – interaction customers will have with your business.   

But not a lot of companies check all four boxes. Some offer a fast and convenient billing experience but lack the human touch that customers like. Others have great agents ready to help but have complicated, time-consuming billing processes.  

Regardless of the four aspects you struggle with in billing, billing automation can help.   

Billing Automation Gives Your Customers More Convenience   

What used to take days now takes seconds, thanks to billing automation. With platforms like Symphony billing, customers can enjoy the convenience of a self-service platform.  

With just a single login, users can make payments, purchase new products, or upgrade their services with a click or two. Once completed, the system applies those payments and changes automatically—no manual intervention, customer service calls, or hold music required!  

Since customers expect immediacy no matter the industry, they’ll appreciate how simple it is to pay their bills and adjust their services. And they’ll have a more positive experience with your brand than your slower competitors.  

Billing Automation Makes Customer Billing Processes Faster  

One of the biggest bottlenecks in CX is “swivel chair operations.” These operations are any type of task or process that requires a human being to enter the same data into multiple systems manually.   

And billing is full of these swivel chair operations. Manual operations also slow you down, making the billing process far longer than it needs to be. They’re also repetitive and prone to errors – especially if you have multiple systems to manage. Customers won’t appreciate late bills that have miscalculated charges.  

Billing automation can prevent all of this. With rule-driven workflows, the Symphony system can automatically:  

  • Update customer information  
  • Log transaction data in real-time  
  • Manage subscription changes  
  • Generate billing reports  
  • Enforce corporate policies  
  • Handle billing disputes and more!  

Your process will be optimized, data will flow easily and freely between systems, and customers can enjoy faster, more accurate billing.  

Billing Automation Improves the Quality of Customer Bills & Customer Care  

Speaking of accuracy, that’s another thing billing automation excels at. Because it can automatically update, compile, and distribute data, there’s far less room for human error. That means your bills will have the correct customer information, dollar amounts, and regulatory charges every single time.  

This also has a positive impact on your support team. Instead of fielding complaints or disputes about bills or slogging through repetitive tasks, your agents can spend more time caring for customers. In fact, in a recent poll, almost 98 percent of service professionals said that automation gives them more time to focus on customers.   

Now, you’re not only automatically sending out accurate bills but also providing more attentive care to clients who need it, which is a great boost to CX.  

Billing Automation Fulfills Customer Orders and Activates Their Services Faster  

Remember those workflows we discussed earlier? They come into play here too. Billing automation makes ordering and provisioning faster and easier – especially if you use Symphony. We’ll use a virtual phone number as an example.  

  • The customer orders a new virtual phone number from your platform. That order is then sent to your Symphony billing system via plug-and-play integration. 
  • Your ordering workflow automatically verifies the details of the order.  
  • Once verified, the system makes sure the order adheres to any company rules or settings.  
  • After the order is cleared, the system automatically provisions a new virtual line for the user, ensuring it follows the order’s specifications.  
  • The line is then automatically activated and available for the customer’s use.  
  • A notification is sent to the customer that the line is up and running.  
  • The system will then add the cost of this new virtual phone line to their bill for next month.  

Now, your customers can enjoy their new line immediately instead of waiting a day or two for you to provision it manually. And if there’s one thing clients love about their providers, it’s reduced wait times and increased responsiveness.   

This also works in reverse! Do you charge clients based on their usage? Symphony’s billing automation tracks usage and bills appropriately every month. Does a customer need to remove lines? All they must do is let you know, and the system will do the rest.   

Improve Your Customer Experience with Billing Automation from Symphony  

Not only can Symphony help you automate your bills, but it can also help you transform your CX from start to finish. We’re an all-in-one operations platform that can help you take care of your customers, manage your inventory, provision new services, and process online payments all from one place.   

Want to experience all that power for yourself? Schedule a free demonstration to see why Symphony might be the only platform you need for top-tier CX.